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Resumey.Pro is a Markdown-based resume builder. Write the resume content in Markdown, try out various designs like Instagram filters, and then download as a PDF. The content editor supports / (slash) commands to quickly apply Markdown syntax. The resume designs also supports customizing accent color, font size, and spacing.

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Resumey.Pro Markdown Support

Resumey.Pro provides support for the following Markdown elements.

Element Support Notes
Headings Yes
Paragraphs Yes
Line Breaks Yes
Bold Yes
Italic Yes
Blockquotes No
Ordered Lists No
Unordered Lists Yes
Code Yes
Horizontal Rules Yes
Links Yes
Images Partial Images are not automatically styled.
Tables Yes
Fenced Code Blocks No
Syntax Highlighting No
Footnotes No
Heading IDs No
Definition Lists No
Strikethrough No
Task Lists No
Emoji (copy and paste) Yes
Emoji (shortcodes) No
Highlight No
Subscript No
Superscript No
Automatic URL Linking No
Disabling Automatic URL Linking No